My Journey

A few years ago I left a career in the business world giving up the grind of 7AM until whenever.  I opened a cottage business and discovered longer hours and less money.   I found fun, fullfilment, travel and a large group of  highly innovative and creative friends and the best customers on the planet. I have never looked back.!
The business is dedicated to my niece Amber and her daughter Brianna, two wonderful joys in my life. Special recognition belongs to friends such as Jan ( a friend since graduate school in the late 70's). Of course I must recognize my late husband Richard Jackson who pushed me thought hard time and  loaded and unloaded and always with a smile. I would recommend to anyone starting this endeavor to Open the Door and Walk never know what is waiting for you on the other side.
I must also mention the long lineage of creative women who have guided me and given me firm roots: Great-grandmother Ida who was a custom dressmaker in the late 1880's. Her library of patterns and fashion books is amazing; Grandma Ola, the most wonderful person in the world , who taught me to sew at age four using Great-Grandmother Ida's  treddle machine which I still have in the studio today; and my own Mom Ernestine, a professional business woman who instilled strong business ethics and a firm faith in God.  I see so much of Mom and Grandma Ola in Amber and Bri...they are each very independent and very accomplished.   AMAZING...six generations of women who in one way or another have spread their wings and learned to fly.  I wish you the same.
God's blessings to each of you: